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 Thwaite Arms , Leyburn, North Yorkshire


Thwaite Arms
North Yorkshire

Tel: 01969 640206
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This is really a reply to Mr JH Wright, who , in his review of this pub, took the opportunity to have a bit of a dig at my review which preceded his, where I described in detail the inhospitable, rude and almost unbelievable behaviour of the landlord towards me and my friend on our visit. I'd like to say, I agree it's a great little pub in a lovely setting, the garden is beautiful, the views from it stunning. Indeed the reason I chose to stop here on that occasion was that a couple of years before I had passed this way on a fine summer day and enjoyed a pleasant meal in the garden served to me most affably by a very pleasant woman. You can imagine how even more surprised I was to encounter such a different reception on the last occasion. Then I check in to this site once more to see if anything has changed, as I like the area so much will be visiting again and would return to the pub if that landlord had gone. I find Mr Wright making totally unjustified assumptions about the reasons for my review. Apparently, he has always found the landlord genial,indeed gregarious. That doesn't surprise me...we heard him behaving perfectly pleasantly to a couple who came in after us. I can only assume we had upset him by having the temerity to turn up dripping wet due to being caught in the terrible storm that morning...we did nothing else he could possibly have been upset about. However, that was hardly our fault.
Then Mr Wright goes on to say
Two words tell me much about the moaning correspondent-tea andbikes tyoe
From my long experience of literally hundreds of pubs people who turn up at pubs on bikes and order tea are not pub people-rather like those who think they should be entitled to eat their own sandwiches on pub premises-all too commom in the Dales. Actually we ordered food, heavily overpriced food as a matter of fact and if the soup hadn't been an instant cup a soup would have ordered a full meal. At no point did we take out sandwiches, nor would I ever do so in a pub, that would be rude. So Mr Wright, get your facts straight before making such ill informed assumptions. In fact the next day we stayed near Hardraw and spent a pleasant evening in the pub there, eating a full meal with several drinks and were treated just as you would expect anybody working in the hospitality business to treat you. Lovely pub, lovely landlord. However, if the Thwaite Arms has the same landlord, I wouldn't be going back, even if he hadn't barred me...seems he sizes his customers up, decides on one look whether he likes you or not and treats you according to that snap judgement...that's called prejudice. Bit like Mr Wright's comments.
Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Rating: No rosettes

A gem to be cherished
Pubs like this have almost vanished. A little gem, with a unique and idiosyncratic landlord, it needs to be cherished and appreciated for what it is, while it still exists. It is the opposite of a Wetherspoons in every conceivable way. I probably would not order a lime and soda here, but the Theakstons best bitter was very good.
Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Rating: rosettes

Oliver riley
Over priced
There was a group of us who had been for a good long walk. It was a sunny day and we desired a drink to quench our thirst. We asked how much a lime and soda costs, having heard the reputation of this pub. How much do you want? The landlord replies. This seemed an odd question at the time but I responded 1pint please. After what seemed about 5 minutes , and no doubt counting the number of us, he replied 2.50. This would have meant one round of soda water would have cost over 10. This is well overpriced (most places charge less than 70p). This was exceptionally cheeky given the bottles of soda water were on the bar in front of us and priced at 30p! Out of principle we left.
Sunday, February 8, 2015
Rating: No rosettes

John Murphy
Terrible food
16 July 2014. A group of old men walk and dine every week I am one of them. Eight of us were just over half way through a 10-mile walk and we were about to stop for a packed lunch when it started to rain. We continued to Horsehouse and happened on the Thwaite Arms. We were welcomed into the small bar, which we filled, and purchased beers.

Then one of the group suggested we should dine while the rain blew over. A limited choice of menu, a few decided on sausage casserole with veg. When it arrived sometime later it looked bad, the sausage was probably from a hot dog tin, and the casserole from a tin of baby food or a packet, slurry. The veg was just as poor. The other meals were similarly unimpressive and costly.

The landlord was very proud of his catering skills and, by his conversations his abilities in many areas.

We ate, paid and left before the rain stopped.

Suffice it to say that this was the worst meal irrespective of cost any of us had ever purchased. It has provided a conversation topic ever since.

The beer was OK.
Friday, October 24, 2014
Rating: No rosettes

I was amused to read the previous comment on this site.
I have visited The Thwaite Arms on a number of occasions whilst travelling up Coverdale and have always found the landlord genial,indeed gregarious.
At the recent bank holiday weekend,we popped in and received a characteristically warm welcome.
We sat in the garden-is there a more beautiful garden view in the whole of England?
We enjoyed a couple of pints of Theakstons Best and we were on our way
Two words tell me much about the moaning correspondent-tea and bikes
From my long experience of literally hundreds of pubs people who turn up at pubs on bikes and order tea are not pub people-rather like those who think they should be entitled to eat their own sandwiches on pub premises-all too commom in the Dales
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Rating: rosettes

Dreadful landlord
Written by a good friend:-

Yes, the pub from which I am henceforth barred is the Thwaite Arms in Horsehouse. We arrived there in the middle of a torrential thunderstorm, which had started just after Carlton. We debated briefly whether to shelter in the pub or just carrybon, but then the rain started powering down so forcefully that the spray rebounding from the road made vision impossible. So we decided to shelter in the pub. We were dripping wet, it's true, but a Dales landlord is surely used to that. We were welcomed with some geniality at first, of a kind. But then, because we were so wet, asked not to sit in the tiny main bar ( the only place where there was any warmth at all) and ushered in to the cold dark back bar easier to clean up . Well,
Ok, we made no fuss, although we thought it was bit mean, we were completely saturated so maybe he had a point. I then asked what hot drinks he had. Coffee, tea. I ordered a coffee, my friend drinks neither but was patently shivering and in some distress so we asked if he could fill her flask with hot water. He refused ( even though we offered to pay) and after I pleaded with him, pointing out that she was obviously in some distress, he deigned to bring a small teacup of hot water and my similar lukewarm tiny cup of instant coffee. I then waited over half an hour while he prepared a vegetable soup for me which turned out to be very similar to a cup-a-soup and was, I suspect, just that. But I was grateful because it was hot And I cannot stress just how cold and wet we were. We were charged 6 pounds for this! We made no complaint about any of this treatment, poor service and terrible quality, overpriced food and drink. After a while we realised it was not going to stop raining and we probably just had to go for it and head down to Kettlewell and from there back up to our campsite at Lofthouse.Those of you who know the Dales, know just how hard it can rain. It was torrential. My friend has Raynaud's Syndrome, so I asked if he would fill her flask with hot water (she uses it sometimes to warm her hands on these situations, again offering to pay). Absolutely not he says. At first I thought he was joking and explained what it was for. I don't care. was his response. I was gob smacked. He continued telling me it wasn't his problem if we were going to get drenched and not his responsibility to provide us with hot water. So I told him what I thought of him. However, I did not swear or raise my voice. I just pointed out that I could not understand why he was in the hospitality trade seeing as he obviously had no idea what the word meant and that he was not a good ambassador for the beautiful area of Coverdale where the majority of people I had always before found helpful and friendly, and that when I got back home to London I would make sure as many tourist websites for the area knew exactly what he was like. That really set him off. He started shouting at me to get out of his pub, he didn't want me there. He was quite aggressive. My friend walked out, to the bikes but I was furious by now and asked him why he was throwing me out. It's my pub and I decide who comes in and I wNt you out, in fact you're barred I laughed at this and said I thought it was highly unlikely I would ever want to return, but I wasn't quite ready to leave just yet (I didn't want him to think he could bully us into leaving.) He shouted again for me to get out of his pub. I told him I would go when I was ready. He came out from behind the bar, threw the door open. I just laughed at him. I really couldn't believe what I was hearing or seeing. He carried on for a while about it being his pub, he said who came in etc etc. Then I said as my friend had now sorted out the bikes and was ready to leave, I would finally be on my way. I walked out.
That was that.
Sunday, August 28, 2011
Rating: No rosettes

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Thwaite Arms
North Yorkshire

Tel: 01969 640206
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Saturday, November 16, 2019

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Thwaite Arms

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