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 Shepherds Rest, Swindon


Shepherds Rest

Tel: 01793 790266
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June Munn
Sunday Family Meal
Had a lovely family meal. Atmosphere was great and staff efficient and pleasant. We had no complaints with the food it all arrived fresh and hot and our party of ten all thoroughly enjoyed their lunch. Would not hesitate to go back. Would Recommend.
Monday, January 8, 2007
Rating: rosettes

Absolutely dreadful
Went here for a Christmas dinner. The food and the service were incomparably dreadful. I can't explain how disgusting the 'brie parcels' I tried to eat were, or how the fat and grease my sirloin had been completely overcooked in tasted. Every single aspect of the meal was awful, and it has only got worse since trying to get any sort of money back from the typically stubborn owner.

I'd rather stab my eyes out than eat here again.
Thursday, January 4, 2007
Rating: No rosettes

Allison Mathers
Simply Poor
My partner and I visited the Shepherd's rest for the first time last Saturday for a special occasion. We had not been before and wanted to try a new place out. We had heard that the food was very like the Three Crowns at Brinkworth, so thought it would be to our liking. We were wrong. We should have realised that something was up as there were only 7 others in the restaurant area at 8pm on a Saturday night. However, being the eternal optimist we put this down to it still being early in the evening. We both had starters, I had the Egg Florentine and my partner had the Boursin Mushroom - and they were ok. There's not much more to say about them, but we did hope the mains were going to be better. I had Valentine of Pork - I'm not a big pork lover, but fancied a change, and if pork is cooked well it can be great. It looked okay when it arrived, however not as the description in the menu (pork encrusted with whole-grain mustard and white wine sauce - it was more like a pork chop with white wine and whole-grain mustard sauce ). Getting straight to the nitty gritty it was so over cooked I couldn’t cut it with a normal knife - I had to get a steak knife (requested from the Manageress) . It was simply dry and tough. After 2 mouthfuls I couldn’t face another bit. My partner however had a little more success from his T-bone. It was cooked to perfection- however the quality of the steak for £16.95 was terrible.
By this time I had developed a chronic stomach ache - I'm not sure if it was from the food or simply from the disappointment of the food. We left leaving 2/3 of my main course and a pile of gristle on my partners plate. We didn’t argue about the bill - we just knew it was a lost cause and a reduction of £5 wouldn’t have made our night any better. My partner paid and the Manageress looked grateful and relieved that we just paid and left.
On a scale of 1-10 I would rank the Shepherd's rest at a 2.
Need I say more!!
Thursday, September 21, 2006
Rating: No rosettes

M. Brogden
Sunday Lunch !!!!
Please read the review by Simon Harris re Sunday meals as our experience was similar but it was at Lunch time, the food was old and chewy, the potatoes were solid ,Yorkshire puds were soggy the meat seemed as if it had been cooked forever sliced and just kept warm, even the starter of Prawns and egg salad was poor the prawns were very small and wet and the eggs had grey rings round them. This was embarrassing as we had taken our family out there as a treat well I can assure you it was no treat. Don't Go.
Thursday, September 14, 2006
Rating: No rosettes

Yeah the food is great went for my girlfriends 18th and would reccomend to anyone.
Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Rating: rosettes

Simon Harris
7 hour old Roast Dinners at the Shepherds Rest - F
7 hour old Roast Dinners at the Shepherds Rest - FoxHill - Swindon

My Wife to be (Laurie), our friends Marc and Emma and I decided to go to the Shepherds Rest in Foxhill, Wanborough (nr Swindon) for something to eat on the evening of Sunday 4th June 2006. We arrived there at around 6pm and were shown to our table. We could not have looked very thirsty as we sat there waiting 10 minutes for someone to take our drinks order, We managed to get the waitress attention and placed our order. After another 10 carpet mouth minutes the four of us even contemplated drinking out of the flower vase to crench our thirst, until we finally managed to give them a gentle reminder about of our obvious lack of liquid refreshment. Not the best of starts as the place was not very busy and there were 3 waitress on, but hey we all have off days.

Anyway we then proceeded to order our meals,. Three of us had starters, Garlic Chilli Mushrooms, ThePate and the Soup of the day (broccoli and Pear) which were not that bad at least 7/10, so things where getting better. Due to the very limited Al A Carte menu Myself and Emma decided to have the Sunday Roast @ £9.95, Marc the Mixed Grill @ £16.95 and Laurie had the Chicken Supreme

@ £14.95 (beware this dish has a 40 minute wait) so at least you know it’s fresh. When the meals arrived the Roast dinner portions were good as were the two Al A Carte Dishes, so no complaints there. Anyway I started to tuck in to my roast beef and that is when everything went pear shaped, the dinner was awful. The roast potatoes were soggy and had that strange bitter after taste you sometimes get after you have re-heated them on the Monday evening, from the Roast the day before. The Yorkshire puddings the same, they had been re-heated and had the texture of a cake or muffin all soft and gooey inside, and to any roast lover, there is nothing worse than not having a good Yorkshire. It was not just mine Emma’s Chicken Roast was the same, it too had that re-heated taste and look, except for the stuffing which was apparently quite good, well done Paxo!

To put it in perspective, imagine the worst luke warm, stale, Airline meal you have ever had and times it by ten! Now you are close to a 7pm Shepherds Rest Roast Dinner

Do not be missed lead, I do not expect perfection every time I go out and the four of us have been to more than hundred country pubs / restaurants for meals over the years and I am not the kind of guy who moans at the smallest thing. You could say I am typically British, and tend not to moan about poor service or poor food, I will just sit there and moan to Laurie and kick
myself for not choosing what she is eating. I am also one of those people
who also say’s “Yes everything is fine” when ever Im asked by a member of staff if everything is OK, even when I have just found a hair in my salad. But on this occasion when the waitress came up to our table she knew something was wrong, Emma and I had stopped eating and had nearly full plates. So when we where ask if all was OK, for only the second time ever I said NO and informed her the two Roast dinners were terrible, she then said
“would you like me to tell Chef” and we said “Yes”. About 5 minutes
later a lady in her late sixties which we presumed was the Land Lady / Owner asked us what the problem was. We explained that the Roast dinners tasted old and re-heated and we where not happy, her response was surprising “Old? It was all cooked fresh this morning!” We could no believe it, she admitted that we were both eating 7hr old re-heated Roast Dinners. She then went on to say “What do you expect at 7pm, try and get a Roast dinner at this time of night anywhere else!” We were all shocked, she was telling us that we should put up with sub-standard food because we should be grateful they served Roast Dinners so late. She did not even apologise and it seems she
thought we were just being picky and ungrateful. Well after that we
said we would be disappointed if we were charge full price for them, but were happy to pay for everything else as the starters, the Mixed Grill and the Chicken Supreme where all fine. It was explained to us that there would be no discount and we would be charged in full and she walked off without giving and an apology.

When we got the bill £69.80 we explained that we would pay £5.05 each for the Sunday Roast a discount of £9.80 because we do not feel they were worth the normal price and proceeded to leave them £60.00. This is when the chef came out and said the Roast dinners were fine and are made to order. We pointed out the landlady had already admitted it was all cooked that morning and we should not expect any else at that time of night, he looked embarrassed and walked off with his tail between his legs. Anyway to cut the last bit short we had a 10 minute stand off explaining we had rights not to pay full price for sub standard food, they said the police had been called and we could not leave. The whole thing could have been avoided with an apology at the start instead of the “Our food is fine” Take or leave it routine. It was all about principal’s now and I it was not until Laurie bit the bullet and paid them the £9.80 we could leave.

To sum it up. NEVER have a roast dinner there after 3pm as it will be at least 3hrs old by then, In fact never go there as their attitude stinks towards unhappy customers and the landlady needs to attend a Charm School or at least go on a customer relations course! Do not get me wrong the pub itself is OK and you could have a nice drinks there on a hot summers day, but if you are ever hungry and you are in the Foxhill / Wanbourgh area DO NOT go to the Shepherds Rest, if you do save your money and eat out of stinking bins around the back, as I expect it will be just as fresh and tasty. Or you could venture into Wanborough and go to the Harrow or drive down the road towards Swindon for a 1 mile and go to the Sun Inn, for a much better evening.
Monday, June 5, 2006
Rating: No rosettes

Mrs Parker
Excellent Food
We visited the Shepherds Rest for a meal on our Wedding Anniversary.
The food was absolutley spendid and the service was excellent. I would recommend it to anyone.
Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Rating: rosettes

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Shepherds Rest

Tel: 01793 790266
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