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 Anchor, Woking


Pyrford Lock
GU23 6QW

Tel: 01932 342507
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Jacquie Butler
Fathers Day treat 2012
Food quality
Location - Brilliant - very busy but still plenty of room - small play area for kids
Service/food really food
Right on the lock so plenty to see.
Perfect Sunday afternoon in the sun - to suit ages/tastes.
Monday, June 18, 2012
Rating: No rosettes

My local
As this is the only pub within walking distance of our house we have to suffer the overcrowding, bad customer service the incompetence of the management of the place.
To date we have tried pretty much everything on the menu in the quest to find something that isn't over cooked or blatantly cooked in the microwave by real chefs according the pub signage, our quest continues.........
As you would expect a pub located on the canal it's truly is a great place to spend a sunny summers afternoon and evening drinking beers from the badger brewery, unfortunately the management of the pub still run it as a local pub rather than a family friendly one not providing enough shaded cover during the summer months and left outside in cold during the winter, running out of basics such as crisps and child friendly drinks during peak periods.
In conclusion if you fancy a drink at a beautiful location and you either bring your own food and child drinks or don’t eat at all you will have a great time, well at least the time you’re not spending queuing for the drinks in the first place anyway!!!
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Rating: rosettes

John Munro
When is a pub not a pub?
We will not be returning!
We organised a surprise retirement lunch for one of our team for today and the overall attitude of the manager and staff was unbeleivably poor. Firstly, we wanted to book a table for 12 people for 12:30 and were told that it was 12:00 or nothing. We explained that we wanted to ensure that everyone arrived ahead of our retiree who would be arriving at 12:30 and were told that if the table wasn't occupied by 12:30 it would be released to other diners.
When the first 4 of us arrived at 12:00 we were greeted by a waitress who told us where our table was and that she would take a drinks order - however, we suggested that we would initially prefer to wait at the bar for the rest of the guests and haev a drink there - to which we were very bluntly told that we must sit down at our table and that no-one was allowed to stand at the bar. When we indicated that we weren't really happy or ready to sit down, we were told by the manager that if we didn't go to our table he would release it to others!
If it wasn't for the fact that everyone was coming from different directions at differing times, I was all prepared to tell the manager what he could do with his table and that we would take our custom (£300 in the end) elsewhere.
Then when I ordered a Kaliber, I asked to have it in the bottle and was told that it must be served in a glass.
Such a shame, nice building, great location, dreadful customer service.
Friday, January 15, 2010
Rating: No rosettes

I visited this pub on Saturday 16 August and thought it was wonderful. The food was lovely, fresh, reasonably priced and the location and design of this place was wonderful. Really enjoyed it and would recommend it.
Monday, August 18, 2008
Rating: rosettes

Mr C. Allen
This was the most non family friendly pub we have ever visited in southern England.

On the night of 28th June 2008. We had some American friends who use to live here in Mayford, Woking, Surrey, visiting back from the States. Within the small Cul-de Sac where we all lived there are about 8 families who get together now and then. The majority of us are professional people in our mid 40’s to 50. We all have children ranging from a 1 year old toddler to 19 -20 year old young adults who are mostly now at University. We all to go out, about once or twice a year together, mainly on special occasions. We often would meet in the New Inn at Send, The Bird in the Hand, and have also used the Anchor before the refurbishment. So on Saturday evening we decided that we would go to the new styled Anchor at Pyford.

We arrived and clearly could see the pub is very busy as you’d expect due to its location, the warm sunny evening and possibly what looked like a great menu.

My family or American guests and I arrive at 8:00 pm. I have 1 x 13 yr old, 1 x 16 yr old and 1 x 18 yr old. Our guests have a 13 yr, old and a 9 yr old.

I placed an order for our food and also a round of drinks. During the next hour our other friends arrive with there children and proceed to order food and drinks. At about 8:45 pm another couple turn up with there toddler and are refused food as they are told that all children under the age of 18 must be out of the premises including the Garden by 9 pm. sharp.

Then the same with another family! At 8:50 we had been waiting 50 minuets and still had no food. We asked at the bar why they would not give our other friends any food, and why after 50 minuets we were still waiting for our food. We were told that all children had to be off the premises by 9 pm due to the licence that the pup has. We pointed out that we were still awaiting our food and couldn’t possible eat this in 5 minuets even if was ready now, which it wasn’t, so how was that going to work? There was no explanation. So we asked to speak to the manager, “Clive” apparently; who then decided to hide and not come out to explain what his policy was going to be, bearing in mind that we all had kids we were all still waiting for food which we had paid for and by now 3 of the 6 families had now gone as they were refused food! We didn’t create a scene. We didn’t shout. We were just mystified that this was such the very weirdest and ridicules situation we had all ever been in what is claimed to be a family friendly pub? None of us had ever heard or seen anything more utterly stupid.

Our food arrived at 9:15 pm. The food wasn’t very good either. If fact, the Ribs, were ribs. No meat just ribs with a sauce. The fries were the McDonald type of reconstituted potato. We paid extra for chicken in the pasta dish but there was no chicken, No fries arrived with one dish so they then can out with some proper chips? It was also all very cold and basically not very palatable. It wasn’t worth complaining as by now it was getting late. My daughter who is 13 couldn’t eat her chicken as it was stone cold but it was now 9:20 and if we had to wait another hour for fresh hot roast chicken we would be even later into the no children curfew law; Which, with all the other disappointing parts to the then; completely spoiled evening, made this probably one of the very worse nights we have ever gone out as group. I doubt that the staff, of Anchor are very well trained in this situation due to the very blank expressions and lack of knowledge in how to solve the problem or even really care, or could be bothered to compromise the now impossible situation that we and they were in.

I also don’t really suppose that it matters to them as casual bar workers; that the 3 major people who left consisted of a very senior member of Central government, a leading local business woman who runs 3 companies in North West Surrey employing over 500 people including one in West Byfleet. also a Director of the National Press association. All of who left and went up to the nearest competitors pub, ordered and ate food and with their Children were welcomed with open arms and open wallets, and where the rest of us joined then as soon as we had finished the hour and a half wait for very disappointing cold food.

So be ware. All that glitters is not gold. Perfect location, perfect beer, terrible customer service the very worse we have all ever experienced in a pub, not quality food, just very standard basic knocked up every day normal mass produced same as most chain pubs, and also NO CHILDREN!
Saturday, June 28, 2008
Rating: No rosettes

Kenneth Malcolm
Idyllic setting
Beautiful location but bar food is exremely disappointing
Friday, July 28, 2006
Rating: No rosettes

good atmosphere
Was a good atmosphere, but tends to be too busy in summer and too dead in winter
Thursday, December 2, 2004
Rating: rosettes

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Pyrford Lock
GU23 6QW

Tel: 01932 342507
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