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 Holman Clavel, Taunton


Holman Clavel

Tel: 01823 421432
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R Matthews
Never again
Tried 3 pubs within our area in an effort to get a meal and was turned away as they were fully booked. Used to go to the Clavel where we found everyone very friendly until it closed. Thought we would try it and were 'welcomed' by a sour looking individual from behind the bar. We were then preached to by the landlady regarding how awful the previous people had been.We just wanted a meal and couldn't believe the menu. Toasted sandwiches, wraps with a side salad and 7 chips for £8.50!!!! All she is interested in is pushing steak on the hot rock at £25 a go.Couldn't believe it, then there were only 6 other people in there, that was after trying 3 others in the area which were fully booked. Guarantee that it will be closed inside 6 months.
Sunday, September 22, 2013
Rating: No rosettes

Very good
Called in on spec found the land lady very friendly and her husband, visited a number of years ago and turned around ,this time we were welcomed,although chief was on holiday they did offer easy food.we were given a quick history of what they had done over the few years while they have been there which my wife and I found very interesting,we intend to visit again in the next couple of weeks and enjoy a good meal
Thursday, April 11, 2013
Rating: rosettes

Jacob Number 2
I Love Flat Beer!!
Mad Men Season 6 In episode 10, Jacob becomes inspired when Roger and Ginsberg try to secure a new account, and Betty begins attending weight loss sessions to combat her eating issues. It's the sharpest show on TV and we've got all the latest episodes from Season 5 right here.
Saturday, August 25, 2012
Rating: rosettes

Flat beer
Friday, July 13, 2012
Rating: No rosettes

Mad Men Season 5
In episode 9, Don becomes inspired when Roger and Ginsberg try to secure a new account, and Betty begins attending weight loss sessions to combat her eating issues.

It's the sharpest show on TV and we've got all the latest episodes from Season 5 right here.
Saturday, May 19, 2012
Rating: rosettes

Bob Roberts
Strange Old Place
Tried it shortly after it opened, it appears to reopen several times & close again for an equal number of times. Went for a relaxing lunch time pint & a read of the paper.
I was however treated to a public row between the landlady and her daughter over some sort of domestic issue, drank up & left. We are priviledged to have several excellent pubs in the Blackdowns serving excellent food & drink. The choices available are considerable I wish the Holman Clavel well under it's new Landlady but what ever that future may be it will not be with me as a customer.
Monday, May 14, 2012
Rating: rosettes

This popular pub has been transformed by the new landlady MJ (see comment below). It no longer is popular, it's vibrant atmosphere has been sterilized, it's closed more often than it's open and it has no beer. MJ has tried to convert a country pub, with it's walkers, dogs etc, into something resembling more an airport lounge bar.
I think the wormeryman had it right and I hope it will not be too long before MJ moves on and a new landlord is given the chance to restore what has always been a community centrepoint.
Thursday, April 12, 2012
Rating: No rosettes

The pub with no draught beer
Only bottled drinks including beer served and no food. Opening hours are random. Just a matter of time before if closes forever under the current management.
Sunday, March 25, 2012
Rating: No rosettes

Something amiss with recent reviews on this pub
It must be said that this country pub had been turned into a real dump over the last few years. The previous owners, who were a very friendly couple, pretty much kept out of the way of some of the regulars that seemed to slowly take over this pub. The pub and the toilets are now clean and not knee deep in sewage. Fleas and stench of that old urine from dozens of dogs in the bar where food was served are gone – about time. Some people will not be happy with the recent “clean-up” of this historic pub and the obvious concerted purging of the old regulars that ruled the roost. Essentially we do not like change but some changes were seriously overdue. As reviewed by kitchenightmares in 2010 “but the locals know if you're not from round these parts ! (maximum accepted radius roughly 1 mile tops !)” unfortunately it is still true and that might never change, so don’t visit the pub on your own.
Plagiarism or malice? Reviewed on this bestpubs site by a woman? that relaxes after work drinking pints, copy of a scathing but full on hilarious personal attack review on beerintheevening.com. Wormeryman I’ve googled and seen it is supposed to be a guy called Clive Roberts, not a woman. I’m all for liberated women that drink pints of beer though and anywhere they are the norm.
Monday, March 5, 2012
Rating: No rosettes

Elaine Stevenson
Appalling behaviour
Recently changed hands, and the beer is well kept. However, the landlady is opinionated, gratuitously unpleasant, bigoted and loud. The hapless customer is subjected to a disjointed, irrational and unacceptably abusive tirade of, illogical, ill informed and semi coherent rubbish. I will here refrain from comments on racism and far right politics. From the need to starve the unemployed to make them work, to allegations of serious but unspecified major corruption on the local parish council; and from unnecessary swearing in a putative refined if slightly slurred accent to allegations of the widespread child abuse and incestuous behaviour amongst the local population - a group she clearly despises (whereas virtually all other pubs in the area call them customers). If it weren't all so seriously unpleasant it might almost be amusing - all in all, not a pleasant place for a relaxing pint after a days work.
Friday, February 3, 2012
Rating: No rosettes

Great pub
This pub was almost next door to the caravan site we were staying at so we popped in for several drinks and a couple of meals. Found it very friendly and the food was excellent. Good value for money.
Monday, August 21, 2006
Rating: rosettes

Liz Smith
Great pub, fab food
What a wonderful atmosphere we found at the Holman Clavel. It's a real country pub with an extensive menu for snacks or for something more substantial. We will definitely be back when we visit the area again!
Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Rating: rosettes

Jo Masson
Pub with good grub
Friendly, foody, fabulous.
Always a warm welcome from Cara and her team EVEN if you have a dog or six in tow. There is an extensive menu ranging from baguettes to Fruits de Mer, and don't expect a blob on a plate with a drizzle of jus, we are talking serious portions for real people here.
Do visit if you are in the area, great pub.
Friday, July 21, 2006
Rating: rosettes

David Phelps
If you want to eat and drink in a proper pub with no muzak the Holman Clavel is the place to go. Fantastic sea food on Fridays & Saturdays plus steaks, chicken dishes, curries etc all week. Bar & kitchen staff really friendly and the locals are very chatty! DOG FRIENDLY - as long as your dog is well behaved it will be welcome (they even have dog biscuits behind the bar). Great walks on the doorstep and plenty of car parking around the back of the pub.
Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Rating: rosettes

malcolm anderson
A real Pub !
good friendly real local pub,as it should be ! very good food, good real beer, plenty of atmosphere.spot on. pity its not nearer to Norton Fitzwarren !!
Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Rating: rosettes

Francisco Retamar
Holman Clavel
Brilliant made our holiday from Spain, true coun try pub .
Best food in the UK .
Saturday, January 15, 2005
Rating: rosettes

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Holman Clavel

Tel: 01823 421432
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Friday, February 28, 2020

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